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RocketGo is your personal assistant. We solve problems of Sakhalin guests 24/7

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RocketGo is a service you can address with any problem, and real people will attend and give you a clear response.

Download our app and enjoy your stay!

Seriously, you came here to have a great time and relax. Don’t waste your time on Google. We are here for you to rest.


We’ll arrange everything! And at no extra charge, that’s right!

We will buy the cheapest airline tickets, book a hotel room, meet you at the airport, select the best outfit for you, find the gear you need and load your ski pass. We’ll recommend you some places to go for an evening out, deliver your food and satisfy any of your requests. Our services are totally free-of-charge, and you will pay the same amount as if you were buying it yourself.

Neat, isn’t it? So, why keep waiting? Install our app right now.



What can I ask RocketGo for?
You can ask for whatever you want, as long as it’s legal =) Seriously, just try.

When will I get what I want?
As soon as possible. We consider several options and choose the best one.

I live on Sakhalin. Can I use RocketGo?
Of course! Both Sakhalin visitors and residents are welcome.

How do I pay?
As soon as we clear all details and only after your confirmation we’ll send you a payment link. Currently, we accept Visa and MasterCard.

How much do you charge for your services?
Zero dollars. The app and our services are totally free-of-charge.

Is there any extra charge for the goods and services?
No, we don’t have any hidden charges and interests. You pay for the goods and services as if you were buying them yourself.

How do you make money?
This one is popular=). Our partners and service providers remunerate us – they get clients, you get a handy service, we get $ from our partners – it’s as simple as that. Everyone’s happy. Triple win strategy.


Contacting us is super-easy! Just write us in the app. Or use our feedback form. We appreciate any suggestions, questions or advice!

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We live on a wonderful Russian island – Sakhalin. We do everything on our own. We have no sleek mission and nothing to prove. We work hard every day to make our residents and visitors feel comfortable here! More people should learn about us for the project to grow

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